Treasure The Valley is an organization built for the community by the community.

Our goal is to provide a place for people to gain and share knowledge and many other helpful resources for everyone to use in order to foster a better Treasure Valley.

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“I really enjoy gatherings where the churches come together.”

“I really enjoy gatherings where the churches come together. We all have the same purpose and the same Lord and we need each other. I have been praying for people in the Prayer Station and will be available to pray after the message and the call for salvation are given later tonight.” – Brenda Nelson, BVCC (volunteer worker)

“I have been the Junior High Youth Pastor at Calvary Chapel for two years and brought my youth group here tonight.I am really enjoying the event.I am not a great organizer, but love to participate with other churches.”
Cecil York, Calvary Chapel, Boise
“I helped tighten bolts. I felt good inside and I would like this program to continue in the community … God is good.”
Lynn Cantrell
“Singing with the Alzheimer’s patients was eye opening. Their diminished minds still remembered these old hymns. It was awesome to see … Whether or not they were ministered to… I was ministered to. It was a great experience.”
Cheryl Olsen
“I went to the Skateboard competition at Rhodes Park and had a lot of fun.It was great skating and getting to know kids from other churches.I want to do it again.I won a really cool T-shirt and talked to some kids who would like me to mentor them in skateboarding.That way we can spend more time together,”
Caleb Feaster, Calvary Chapel, Boise (Cecil York's 13 year old grandson)
“My daughter Sierra and I are fans of the band, Melatonic. When we checked out the website and saw they were performing, we decided this was a good choice for our Halloween. We are enjoying the music and agree that the churches coming together to put on these events is great idea.I would like to see the churches come together and worship in a combined worship event. That would really impact the spiritual climate of the Treasure Valley.”
Tammy Adams, and her daughter, Sierra, Vineyard
We are having a great time!My grandkids are here with me and loving all the activities.They range in age from little ones to teens and there is something here for everyone to do.There is such a diversity of places to have fun. Whatever kids might want to do is here:the graffiti board, the jump house, the fire pits, roasting marshmallows, music and food. It is wonderful to have activities inside for the younger ones so they can get out of the cold.The best thing is the atmosphere.I love the churches coming together and the Lord is here. You don’t have to worry about the kids because all the adults are watching out for everyone.”
Joy Wasson, Vineyard, Boise
“Blessing to me tightening bolts on huge team all ages working together!”
Jenny Austin
“It is so cool to have so many churches working together-to see the unity of the Body of Christ”
Grace Ruddy, Boise Valley Christian Communion (volunteer worker)
“I ironed clothes last Sunday. It was a good way to get acquainted with lonely elderly residents.”
Phyllis Mineau

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